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What is the advantages of wearing work clothes in job?
Marketing Sarainvest Aug 26, 2023 2,413

What is the advantages of wearing work clothes in job?


Recently, enterprises are only all focused on company culture, so they have certain requirements on worker's clothes. In order to dress uniform, they currently adopt the unified customization . So what's the effect of uniforms and work clothes in their work?

Work clothes can protect your body health, it mainly prevent harm to human body from outside environment, such as mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, radiation and insect bites. If clothing is not subject to the above hazards, its material should be tough, resistant, radiant, insulating, conductive and washable. These properties are particularly important in functional work clothes.

Work clothes can make the skin clean, The pollution of the custom-made work clothes is mainly from the excrete of the skin from the outside and in the garment. External pollution refers to the outside dust, oil, fruit juice, and so on. The pollution of the skin mainly comes from the excretion of sebum, the abscission of cells, and the sweat and secreted oils and fats. For example, long wear of contaminated underwear will produce stench, bacteria and skin disease. Therefore, underwear clothing materials should be able to adsorb dirt on the skin, prevent external dust and sweat, and do not touch the body. The finishing agent and dyestuff of the clothes are not irritating to the body, and have the functions of washing, mildew proofing and seedling protection.

Work clothes will be useful to physical activity .The work clothes and their materials should be suitable for the movement of human body and all kinds of activities and labor engaged in everyday. As a result, the materials for the custom-made working clothes should have enough flexibility and flexibility. The style of the clothing can not be too tight to prevent the increase of pressure on the body and the influence of the movement and blood circulation.

Finally, clothing comfort and health concerns, is the relationship between the three factors on environment, human physiology, and the optimal collocation of clothing materials. Therefore, the study of the efficacy of clothing is the study of people - work clothes - the environment as a system.